Friday, March 4, 2011

Char Siew Polo Buns

After leaving the optician's today, I was accosted by a Breadtalk poster. It showed me a picture of polo buns with glossy char siew filling. It told me I had to make polo buns soon: "Oh, how about today? It's just as well you're going to the supermarket. You could find all the ingredients there. Don't know what ingredients you need? Now why don't you sit down and order some of your favourite kueh pie tee, and maybe a teh si, and do an internet search for polo bun recipes?"

And then I thought about how much D liked polo buns and I relented. A good thing, because they turned out excellent.

I went home and discovered char siew marinating in the fridge for dinner (excellent!), so I used that for the char siew part and made the char siew sauce to go with. You can find the char siew + char siew sauce recipes here.

I got the bread dough and polo crumble recipes from here, but used the method from here to make the polo crumble. I made 5 instead of 4 buns with the given recipe. My dough required an extra 10g of water; possibly because I used a different brand of flour than the author (I used Prima bread flour). It also took an oven time of 23 min to brown adequately.

Divided the char siew filling into 5 portions before assembling the buns

After 1 hour of proofing

Did a little experimenting with the polo crumble; I think applying an egg glaze and scoring pineapple pattern gives the best looking top.

Left to right: egg glaze and scored pattern, no egg glaze no pattern, egg glaze no pattern

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