Monday, November 29, 2010

Hot Weather Cupcakes

A call from D's mother asking where she could find inexpensive cupcakes for the next day's corporate BBQ sent 2 alarm bells off in my head:

1. "This is your golden opportunity to pretend you have your own baking business! Churn out cupcakes for the masses! Fulfill your desire to perform meticulous costings!"
2. "Cupcakes, at a BBQ? No buttercream is going to stand up to that kind of heat!"

I refused to consider Icing because putting that much sugar into something just so it keeps a pretty shape a) reinforces the notion that outside beauty is more important than internal substance; b) forces people to consume more sugar than they are happy to; c) tastes horrible.

After much agony over what kind of cupcake to bake- is chocolate too kiddish? do most people like lemony tanginess as much as I do? are yellow cupcakes weird? should I just do muffins instead?-
I followed Rose Beranbaum's suggestion to use lemon curd for as a topping for warm occasions, and decided a neutral white velvet cake will be a good base.

Shiny, are we?

All 14 were gone by the end of the party. Product Testing #1: A success! My meticulous costing system revealed that D's mum got 3 times the number of cupcakes than she would have if she bought them commercially. It was so gratifying getting cash for my efforts, even if it only covered costs! Alarms 1 and 2 resolved :)

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