Saturday, August 13, 2011

Japanese Cheesecake

As D loves cheesecakes, I decided to do my due diligence as gf and revisited this Japanese cheesecake recipe. Plus I wanted a red-and-white (okay this is more like yellow) cake to commemorate National Day. I've made this recipe once, baked it in a water bath and with other changes I cannot recall. It turned out creamy- more like a New York Cheesecake than a fluffy Japanese version that D prefers. This time I baked it without a water bath; it turned out more airy but had folds like a fat tummy:

It rose really high in the oven, up to the top of the cake pan, and then receded, causing the folds. I'm not sure why- but my best guess is that I shouldn't have lowered the temperature to 150 deg c. 180 deg c as stipulated by the recipe may have been too hot because the top started to crack 3 minutes into baking, but perhaps 150 is too low (total baking time: 56 min). Next time I'll try baking this at 170 deg c; hopefully it wouldn't recede and so give a more fluffy texture.. let me know if you have solutions to receding cakes! Future amendments: reduce the sugar (65g for half the recipe is still too much) and corn flour (slightly powdery mouthfeel). Adding the full amount of lemon juice, though it seemed a lot at the time, actually gave just the right amount of sourness.

It was a yummy cake that was polished off.  Next time it'll be better when it counts- when D is actually around it eat it!

 Majulah Singapura!  

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